rōma  aeterna latīna ubīque

A R T E S    E T    H I S T OR I A
R O M A N    H I S T O R Y   &   C U L T U R E

Use these links to explore the many aspects of Roman history and civilization.


A Basic Timeline of Ancient Rome

A More CompleteTimeline of Ancient Rome

History Hyperlink Timeline
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Abridged History of Rome

History of Ancient Rome
from its founding to collapse 

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

Encyclopedia Romana
Index of Topics

International World History Project

BBC History: The Romans

PBS: Roman Empire in First Century

Roman History Unleashed

BBC Videos

Ancient Rome:
The Rise and Fall of an Empire

Six Critical Moments
that Shaped the Empire

36 Video segments
each approx. 10 minutes

Founders and Rulers of Rome

The Founding of Rome

The Kings of Rome

The Birth of the Roman Republic

The Roman Republic
Timeline of Art History

The Fall of the Roman Republic

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de imperatoribus romanis
Roman Emperor Website

Decline of the Roman Empire

Atlases and Maps

Growth of Rome and Empire
Animated Map

Clickable Map of Roman Empire

Roman Empire Detailed Maps

Photo Gazetteer of Roman World
Photo Collections of Ancient Sites

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Omnibus Sites for Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Links

Roman Odyssey

Rome Resources Page

Roman Life

Roman Nature, Science & Technology

PBS Videos
Rome in the First Century
each approx. 55 minutes

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Secrets of Archaeology Videos:
The Roman Imprint on the West

Part One (approx. 14 minutes)

Part Two (approx. 11 minutes)