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 historia II : ante et post Rōmānōs      before and after the Romans

Before the Romans: The Etruscans

 1.    A History of the Etruscans
 2.    The Ancient Etruscans
 3.    The Etruscans: A Little About Their Civilization
 4.    Etruria (Wiki)
 5.    Ancient History Sourcebook: Etruscans
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 7.    The Etruscan Origins of Rome and Italy  (7:50)
 8.    The Etruscans: Legacy of a Lost Civilization  (6:27)
 9.    The Ancient Etruscan Cities of Lazio, Italy  (4:37)
10.   The Merry Etruscans  (3:45)
11.    The Extravagant Etruscans  (1:44)
12.   Funerary Art of the Etruscans  (1:27)
13.   Etruscan Tomb at Chiusi  (1:32)
14.   Etruscan Musical Instruments Recreated  (2:12)  
15.   Experimenting with Etruscan Instruments  (4:55)
16.   An Alabaster Etruscan Flute  (1:18)
17.   An Etruscan Horn Made from Pottery  (0:36)
18.    Double Flute Plays 2nd Century AD Song (0:54)
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20.   Characteristics of Ancient Music  (4:30)
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After the Romans: The Byzantines

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 2.    Constantinople (Wiki)
 3.    Constantine the Great
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 5.    The Rise of Emperor Constantine  (6:56)
 6.    Emperors of the Eastern Empire
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10.    Hagia Sophia (Sacred Destinations)
11.    Hagia Sophia  (1:47)      Hagia Sophia 3D  (4:29)
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13.    inactive online link deleted
14.    Ravenna: Capital of the Western Roman Empire
15.    Justinian I and Theodora I
16.    World Heritage Site: Ravenna
17.    Byzantine Mosaics of San Vitale, Ravenna  (1:50)
18.    Mosaics of Sant' Apollonaire, Ravenna  (4:28)
19.    Ravenna (Italy)  Byzantine Mosaics  (4:54)
20.    Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna  (6:31)
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