rōma  aeterna latīna ubīque

A V O C A M E N T A           O N L I N E    G A M E S

āvocamentum, āvocamentī, n. [from ab + vocō] 
 A diversion or distraction that calls you away.  Related English words: avocation, avocatory.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles:
Pictures Every Latin Student
Should Know!

You can vary the shape and number
of the puzzle pieces by using the
selection box at the left, after each
puzzle has finished loading.
UVA Rotunda
                                                      Jigsaw Puzzle
UVA Rotunda
48 pc. Jigsaw Puzzle

                                                      Amphitheater, Rome
                                                      Jigsaw Puzzle
Flavian Amphitheater, Rome
48 pc. Jigsaw Puzzle

Modern Danish Artist's
Rome-Inspired Jigsaw Puzzles

Archimedes'  Square
Shape Creation Puzzle

Test Your Talent with
Mosaic & Maze Games

Basic Mosaic and Wall Painting Games

Make a Large Roman Maze Online
  Read the instruction pages!
Make a Large Roman Mosaic Online

Test Your Knowledge!

Seven Wonders of the World

Equip your Gladiator

Roman Army Gear 1

Roman Army Gear 2

Roman Army Gear 3

Vocabulary Games

Free Rice
Lots of words derived from Latin!

Be a Roman Sleuth!
Solve an Online Mystery.

SPQR Online

BBC Death in Rome

Emperor of Rome Game

Challenge the Computer!

Nine Man Morris
Square Board -Computer Opponent.

BBC Battlefield Academy
Command your Roman legions
against the enemy assault.

Treadmill Treasure Hunt
Run and Jump to Victory.

Mīles Maximus' Javelin Toss

Two Person Games

the Romans Played!

Merels (Nine Man Morris: Round Board)

See an ancient Nine Man Morris
board carved in stone:
(scroll down to bottom right photo)

Tabula (like Backgammon)

Information about Tabula

Memory Games

Roman Numerals:

 Conversion To & Fro

Timed Conversion

Addition Challenge

Timed Sorting Scramble


Number Recall
A modern game that builds
anyone's memory skills.
After the 3-2-1 countdown,
"memorize" the number positions
before they vanish. On
 the next screen, click the blank circles
in sequence of the lowest to highest
 numbers you have just seen.The
final score is your "mental age."

email: magisterwick@gmail.com

Where in the World?
Modern Map Games for
where the  Romans Ruled:

 Not Roman :-(  Still Fun