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 rēs ūtilēs 
 latīna ubīque
āvocātiōnēs    diversions with a Latin and Roman twist!
Jigsaw Puzzles
 Vary the shape and number of the puzzle pieces by using the selection box at the left, after each puzzle has finished loading.
 1.  UVA Rotunda = Pantheon
UVA Rotunda
 2.  The Roman Colosseum
 3.Ten Rome-Inspired Puzzles
by modern Danish artist
Asbjorn Lonvig
 5.  Create Your Own Online Jigsaw Puzzles

6.  Pompeii & Mt. Vesuvius

7.   Roman Arch

Roman Military
 1.Maximus Mīles' Javelin Toss

scroll down to middle right

 2. Roman Army Gear 1
 3. Roman Army Gear 2
Two Person Games
the Romans Played!
 1.   Tabula
(like Backgammon)
Information about Tabula
 2. Nine Man Morris (square)
Merels   (Round)

Read about the history
 of this Roman Game

3. Calculi
A five-in-a-row pebble game like modern these online modern games of GO and ConnectFour
4. More Roman Board Games

Not Roman,
But Still Fun!

 1.  Online Optical Illusions  

 2.   Number Recall Sequences
A modern game that builds
anyone's memory skills.
After the 3-2-1 countdown,
"memorize" the number positions
before they vanish. On the
 next screen, click the blank circles in sequence of the lowest to highest numbers you have just seen.The final screen is your "mental age."

Archimedes' Lab
An amazing collection of online "brain food"!

Fun with Roman Numerals!
 1.   Addition Challenge
 2.    Timed Conversion
 3. Timed Sorting Scramble
 4.  Number Ball Elimination
Game 1        Game 2
these require Flash
 5.    Roman Numeral Sodoku

Be sure to follow the directions on each page!

1.   Make a large Roman
Maze Online

 2. Make a large Roman
Mosaic Online
 4.   Gladiator-Colosseum
Maze to Print
 5.  Pantheon Interior
Maze to Print

in the World?
Modern Map Games for Lands Where Romans Once Ruled!
 1. Countries of Western Europe
 2.  Countries of SE Europe (Balkans)
 3. Regions of Italy
 4. Rivers of Europe
 5.  Seas of Europe
 6.  Countries of the World
 7. More Map Games
8.Traveler IQ Challenge
9. Seven Wonders of the World
Puzzles & Riddles

 1.  Ancient Roman
Coloring Pages

 2.  Roman Empire Online Coloring Book
 3. Online Maze Designer
 4.  Online Crossword Designer
 5.  Online Word Search Creator
 6.  Free Puzzlemaker Pages
 7.  Online Comix Creator

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